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Regency Men's Play Days

The Regency Men's Golf Play Days have been operational since 2004. Its purpose is to enhance the active lifestyle of the Regency community. Plays Days are on Thursday mornings starting the first week of May through mid-September utilizing 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM Shotgun starts.  With over 90 members, the Men’s Play Days is a robust association where members can either walk the 9-hole course or rent the use of power carts.

The membership consists of a variety of abilities, and the weekly tournaments are played using the USGA Rules of Golf, local rules specifically created for the Regency course, and the Golf Handicap Information System to maintain an equal level of competition.

All members are legal residents of Regency at Monroe, have membership in the Regency Golf Association, and established a handicap with the New Jersey State Golf Association, through the Regency Golf Shop. A membership fee is required to join Play Days, which enables all to have a season-opening breakfast to review new rules or meet new Golf Shop personnel, as well as a season-ending luncheon to distribute prizes and review accomplishments. All prizes consist of credit in the Regency Golf Shop.

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